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Italy Tour 2014


Dear Friends,  

I have blessed to be able to travel to Italy many, many times in my life, and I would like to share an incomparable country with you. This vacation captures some of the very best places Tuscany has to offer---particularly the lodgings, food, and side excursions.  If you have never been, please join me to experience Tuscany's strengths and beauty. If you have journeyed there, perhaps now is the time to return, letting me do all the thinking and planning for you.  This is not a rush-rush excursion; this is a relax and breathe-it-all-in journey.

I love this trip because several exciting things have been planned, yet you have the option of bowing out for any of them and exploring on your own.  Limber Jennifer Wright will join me to loosen you up in the morning and stretch you out in the afternoon, so you won't be sore from the cobblestone streets. Additionally, this trip has been carefully timed, allowing a long weekend at the end to travel to another area of Italy before returning home if you so desire.

Please contact me for a detailed itinerary, prices, and down payment information.


You may have the universe if I may have Italy.

                                                    ------Giuseppe Verdi

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