La Cornue 


La Cornue

I am proud to have been selected as the only northeastern Indiana representative for la Cornue stoves.  These exceptional French ranges are not only finely made but beautiful to look at as well.  

There are several colors and knob finishes from which to choose.  There are three styles.  All of them use duel fuel.  By this I mean the stovetop uses gas but the oven is electric. The stove has 5 burners, one of which is high BTU and one low BTU for small pots or for simmering. The entire interior of the oven is coated in enamel and can be easily taken totally apart for washing or to put into your dishwasher.  You can put pans right on the oven floor.  The right oven is convection heat while the left has many different settings from broil to defrost all with easy pictographs on the knob.

I own two La Cornues and would not trade them for any other brand.   Please contact me if you are interested in exploring the many options to fill your culinary needs. 


About La Cornue

La Cornue was founded by Albert Dupuy in 1908.  He became the French artisan producer of exceptional handmade custom kitchen ranges.  With the aim of designing and constructing the most reliable range available, he invented the first gas oven built for the home.  Many of Albert's principles of cooking are still used in La Cornue ranges today, and his grandson Xavier Dupuy now runs the company.

CornuFe Series

The CornuFe series was introduced in 2005 and quickly found a loyal following worldwide.  Designed for the La Cornue enthusiast with a more modest budget, the CornuFe makes the La Cornue attainable to a new client.  There are three ranges in the La Cornue Series, the CornueFe 1908, CornuFe 110 and the CornueFe 90 (also known as the Albertine).


There are seven body colors: Matte Black, Gloss Black, Stainless Steel, Pure White, Dark Navy Blue, Provence Blue and Ivory.  There are also three trim options: Satin Chrome, Satin Chrome Brass or Satin Chrome and Copper. 

Five Burner Cooktop

The high performance five burner gas cooktop features three 12,000 BTU burners, one 17,500 BTU burner and one 6,000 BTU burner.  The solid brass gas burners are equipped with a thermocouple safety ignition system.  The surface is one piece of continuous stainless steel with makes it easy to clean and the enamel coated cast iron grates interlocking