Ira Yeager

These are the last four available Ira Yeager paintings out of a large lot that I was honored to sell for someone. All of the money raised for this company went to breast cancer research.

Mr. Yeager has a distinct voice that goes with all kinds of décor. He is big, bold, and decidedly statement making.  His paintings have movement, joy, and life.  He is not afraid of color and adding in the exotic. The paintings I am selling are depicted in the years of the late 1800’s, his favorite century.  They are American Colonial, French, or even Italian in their style and would go with most any type of house from traditional to modern. They would look wonderful in an urban setting as well. His media is oil and acrylic on canvas and he does not do prints.  These are all original works of art.

unnamed (6).jpg

Ira Yeager’s paintings are big are as big as his fascinating personality. Most are 60” x 60”.  A few are 40” x 40”.
60” x 60” are $6,500.00
40” x 40” are $5,800.00

If you know Ira Yeager, you know this is a very very good price for his magnificent paintings. On the market, they sell between $11,000 to $13,000.  But I am selling them at this price because my client wants to part with these particular paintings.    Please contact me for pictures of the others. 260-341-4300 or at   These prices are fair and firm and I am thrilled to be able to offer them to you. They can be crated for out of state shipment.