You know La Dolce Vita well we are excited to introduce you to Fearless Cook!

Together we are going to be fearless in the kitchen. All cooking takes is a good palate and no fear. No fear of failing, burning, pots overflowing, or scalding. Just get in there and cook for your family and friends. If you make a mess, you will learn from it, so chalk that up to a good thing! We have all the tools you need to make and bake with ingredients you can actually pronounce giving you the courage to feed your friends and family with delicious creations and love!

At Fearless Cook, we have a great staff ready to explain what each tool can do for you. If it is not there, we will try to get it for you. Expect to see a whole coffee and tea section with lots of cool latte things, whisks, spoons, spatulas, bar equipment, knives, linens, aprons, beautiful pictures from Italy, locally made wooden bowls, cutting boards, cheese boards and so much more!

Located at 142 North Main Street, just a mere block from La Dolce Vita
10% off your store purchases at La Dolce Vita & Fearless Cook when you eat lunch on Wednesdays!