Lines Carried in La Dolce Vita

Sferra Linens

These beautiful Italian linens are of the highest quality.  I offer monogramming either from Sferra or from my embroiderer who has a myriad of styles available in many colors.

Two Girls of Avinigon Linens

Exquisite linens, in natural colors, imported from Belgium.  These linens really portray the Belgium/French aesthetic.

Le Creuset

Made in France, Le Creuset is beloved by cooks everywhere. Besides the enamel on cast iron that we all think of, Le Creuset is now offering superior stainless cookware and non-stick skillets.  Because of the way Le Creuset is engineered,  the quality metals and coatings used, you can trust that all your food will be cooked perfectly and clean up will be a snap.  We cook all of our crepes in Le Creuset crepe pans and never have to use anything to keep them from sticking.

Golden Rabbit

Beautiful enamelware designed like fine china.  It can go in   the oven, freezer and is dishwasher safe.

Bella Cucina Artful Food

This delicious food is based in Atlanta and is made in the USA and Italy.  Bella Cucina does not use any preservatives in their food.  You know I would not carry it unless it is delicious. It is.

Bramasole Olive Oil

If you read Under the Tuscan Sun, or saw the movie, you know how important Frances and Edward Mayes’ olive grove is to them.   All of this oil is extra virgin, first cold pressed and is only from the grove on their property.

Seda France Candles

I love these candles because the fragrance continues all the way through, not just on top as some candles do.  The packaging is pretty enough to forgo a bag when buying for a gift, if you can part with them.

Susie Rachles

Susie Rachles is a very talented artist from Zionsville, who now has her studio in Carmel.  I cannot keep her wonderful oil paintings in the store!

Dana Gibson

Dana Gibson is as nice as her items are whimsical and well made.  Come and see her adorable lamps, pillows, eyeglass cases, side tables and other items.


Walk down the street and into Trouve, where you will find items for the home from several other retailers and myself.  There I will carry furniture, antiques from Europe, linens, candles and much more.