Ireland and London, 6 SPOTS LEFT!

We still have 6 spaces left in the dreamy Ireland Trip and 3 in the London trip.  This is also the last year for La Dolce Vita's trips, at least for several years.  If you are on the (stone) fence, don't hesitate. I've had so many people say they wish they had gone to Florence, or Rome and the Amalfi Coast, or to Paris, the South of France, and the Loire Valley with us. Will I do them again? Most likely I will never repeat a trip. That was then and this is now. Ireland and London are here, right now, waiting for you to discover them and visit with our country cousins this August!  5 star hotels, castles, hills, valleys, thatched cottages, teas, warm, kind people, the crown jewels, shopping, a small, compatible group--its only a 6 hour plane ride away.  I'd love for you to join us on this fun, informative and relaxing week in bonny Ireland and/or cool London.

Ireland and London Trip

Do not fret, the cooking classes will be announced soon, you culinary wonders.  While you wait, be sure to stop in Fearless Cook because we have added several new lines like Breville, Mauviel, Emile Henri, Peugeot, Q Squared, and Scout Bags! Breville and Emile Henri will not be here until March, though. Good things come to those who wait, oui?