Cooking Classes

I have taught many things throughout my life—American history, geography (if you have ever ridden in a car with me you are laughing right now), economics (if you have sat beside me in a math class with me you are in hysterics right now), swimming lessons, English as a Second Language and now cooking.  

Teaching adults, such as English as a Second Language or cooking lessons is a lot more fun than teaching a roomful of bored, hormone-jacked teenagers, let me tell you.   The most obvious reason:  adults actually WANT to be in the class.  They WANT to learn whatever you are teaching and that is pretty cool.  They care why the size of colander holes determines the price of said colander or why you must use a non-reactive pan to cool lime curd.  They want to know whether to use dry, white, liquid, paste, or scraped bean vanilla.  They dig it that you dig it.  It’s a foodie love fest during a cooking class and it is super fun.   Maybe every couple of years I have had a dud class where no one knows each other or people are shy or people are boring, everyone has taken forty xanax before arriving---I don’t know what happens ---but the class is a real snore zone.  No one laughs, not one asks questions, no one gets the jokes.  That class is 100 hours long. It is Culinary Hell.   Luckily, those are few and far between!  Most—99%- are fun, interesting, full of laughter, learning, and making great food.

Here are some photos from some of the classes taken with my trusty iPhone