The Heart of Man: A True Story for a Winter's Day

So many violent, senseless things have happened this past year that it sometimes makes me wonder if mankind is doomed to repeat a World War to stop the reign of terror going on. Or if brutality and stupidity, in our own country, is just going to take over so people will fear for their safety at all times. Just yesterday there was another shooting, this time at a Home Depot.

Then I hear a story that assures me that there is more goodness and love than evil. Here is the story and you might know it. Please forgive me if I don't get the facts exact. 

My dear friend's husband was driving home from work one night.  They live in the country and the roads have many divots,which fill with water and freeze, causing black ice to form.  You can't see black ice, but it is there and when you hit it, you can really lose control. He hit a patch of this and flipped his car, landing head down in a big culvert in the snow. The seat belt was wrapped up around his neck and he couldn't breathe.  He managed to undo it before he passed out. 

An Amish woman was at her sink, washing the dinner dishes.  Her sink was under a window.  She saw car lights going down the road and then just disappear.  Instead of shrugging it off, she called her children and had them go out in the snowy night and look. They came in after a few minutes and said they did not see anything. Unsatisfied, she called to her husband. "I am still worried.  I know I saw a car and then -- I did not see one." Her husband put his coat and hat on, and went all the way to the road and down to the culvert, where he found the car, upside down in the snow, with my friend's husband unconscious and trapped inside the bent up machine. He ran and got tools and neighbors, who helped pull him from the mangled car. My friend's husband was very injured, but these men saved his life.

If it had not been for the perseverance of the Amish wife in sending her husband farther down the road, had she just shrugged it off , saying oh well, I am busy and my kids did not see anything, had she said, It is not my business, had she not looked out the window at that exact time, had not all the stars aligned correctly, he would have probably frozen to death.  But love prevailed that night through a good family.  They saved a husband, a father, a brother, a friend, a son-- one man who is so much more than one man to all those who love him. 

So when you are sickened by the news, remember the goodness in your friends, family, and those who you deal with in small ways throughout the day.  That is 99% of all who walk the earth, I do believe. The other 1% just get all the press.