Pictures from Bali

As I promised, here are some pictures form the beautiful island of Bali.  It was an unforgettable trip.  But remember, just steps away from our hotel was extreme poverty, the likes of which I had never seen.

These darling girls met us when we arrived with floral arrangements they had made.  We could also watch them practice their dancing lessons a few days a week when we were at the pool.  They were so sweet!

These cute little birds would sit at the edge of the pool when no one was swimming and quench their thirst.

This was our view at breakfast.  Not bad, eh?

The highly polished wooden floors of Bali.

Colorful and delicious breakfast fruit.  We had some fruit I had never heard of, like snake fruit, which Bill loved!  It is called this because the rind of the fruit looks like snake skin.  I think the fruit in front with the scattered seeds was really pretty.

Banana leaves which we used to wrap the mahimahi with in my cooking class.  The very best fish I have ever eaten.

This happy chef was a lot nicer than the ones in Paris!!!

The crowded, unbelievably dirty market.

That fish is sitting in 85 degree morning heat! Yikes!  But our hotel had a cooler in the car waiting for the fisherman, so the fish we ate at night did not sit out in the heat.

Ice is somewhere on the bottom of these.