Stop the Madness

This morning, I was awakening to a barfing dog.  She had been sick all night and had hit all the rugs.  Mind you, we only have 4 rugs in the whole downstairs, but she hit them all.  Portia gives no warning, so I could not hurry her outside  in the middle of the night.  I just find it later.  I think everything she ate for the last 4 years of her life was still in her stomach.

Why am I sharing this gross stuff with you?  TMI you might be saying!  I decided to make her dry toast and thought, "hmm, I think I'll have some toast too."  Then I began to think of all the things these health gurus would say about everything I might eat for breakfast.  gluten

Butter on the  dairy

Jam on the   sugar   caffeine

Orange   eat an orange

Orange   juice it in a $200.00 juicer    gluten and processed

Milk on    dairy   too much sugar, and dairy

Greek yogurt   dairy

Skipping    Bad to skip breakfast

So I had a cookie.