Not Forgotten

Dear Friends,

i have not been blogging, but you are not forgotten!  I have had a very full summer concerning work.  Besides the Farmer's Market, which we were too busy to participate in every week, unfortunately, I have hosted a multitude of private dinners for birthdays, anniversaries, and engagement celebrations.  Tonight I am doing all the desserts for a wedding and will stand by and cut the cakes and pass out the Madeleines as well.  I will take my camera and take some photos.  I am not great at taking photos and I know that is a huge part of blogging!  Will I ever get better? 

I am also working on posting the videos that are on YouTube for the Fort Wayne newspapers.  There is one every other week.  You can go to You Tube and type in Laura Wilson news-sentinel or Laura Wilson Drop Dead Culinary and bring them up!

The big news is I am getting bi-lateral knee replacements in about 3 weeks.  it is time.  I have been hobbling around for years and this year it has gotten so much worse.  Therefore, I will not be going to Paris to do Level III Patisserie until next year.  :(  It was a sad, solemn moment when this decision was made, although I knew it would probably happen all summer.  One of my beautiful, sweet dogs knocked me down in her glee to go for a walk, and just blasted into my left knee.  The ah-ha moment came then.  I actually held a 5 course dinner the next night, but called on Tony Ficaro to help as I was walking with a crutch. It was crazy! When I went to the doctor a few days later, the nurse practitioner said I would not really recover from this blow.  My dogs are super fast runners and she hit me almost at full speed. Here is her adorableness.   She is so innocent.


But with some very dear friends facing devastating illness or life changes, it is nothing.  So I am not going to whine....and I will keep you up to date on my healing process!  I plan to write quite a bit on a little cooking book I am working on and read the new-old book by Stephan King and JFK, The Kitchen Daughter, and the new-old book by Colin Powell.  I was a history teacher, so I do like these kinds of books.  Oh, and I also bought some beautiful books like the Houses of Veranda and ordered Carolyne Roehm's new book,  Flowers.  Although it is not out yet, I will get it as soon as it is!