Mean People

I know this is supposed to be a blog about food and all the things concerned with food, like travel, love, family, friends, table know all the great stuff that goes with eating.  So I promise to include a recipe at the end of my little  rant.  I will include a recipe you will want to share with the good people in your life; your real friends and loving family.  And maybe give a little bite to your dog.

I think humans, because we are so much more advanced than animals, should behave better than animals.  It's not just that we have those often mentioned opposable thumbs either, but that we are able to reason, project, empathize, plan.....   You get the picture.

It seems that almost every day I open my email to a front page and there are tidbits of news--Beyonce is pregnant, Kim Kardashian is home from her honeymoon, child dies after living in cage for months.  Wait a minute, WHAT???  Every day there is a horrific child abuse or wife murdering case. These are crimes of unfathomable degree. They are rock bottom horror.  When we read these things, we shudder in our helplessness.  What can we do for the innocent children in Somolia or the child drowned by his mother?  There is not much we can do as a single person; sadly there are not many Mother Teresas in the world.  

Yet what I have seen so much of lately prompted me to write this particular entry, is cruelty of another sort between or toward people I actually know. Most of it is sparked by want, in my opinion.  Not just jealousy, but the anger watching someone succeed working diligently toward success. The fear that they will become better, more popular, important, or needed.  This seething anger and/or loathing. Perhaps the person feeling it would deny that it is anger.  But these jealous sorts can cause chaos to the degree that it was not intended.  I do not feel it is my right to relay stories that have not happened to me, but those of you who smile and say you are a righteous person, a good, solid person, yet stir up trouble for someone else because you are finding 500 faults, are a wolf in sheep's clothing.  You are exactly what you profess not to be.

One thing that recently happened to me  was that late at night I found a blog by a 22 year old fellow student at LCB.  On the first page of her blog, she ripped me to shreds, giving me a large paragraph all to myself.  Now how could I, a 54 year old mother of three grown boys possibly affect her?  How quickly she forgot who was the only only one in the whole school who traded with the young German mother so she could be off an extra weekend to go home to see her young daughters?  Who baked the (mean) Swedish girl's brioche when she was interviewing at Oxford?  Not this 22 year old, that is for sure.  She could not be bothered to help anyone else.  None of that group would ever help the language-challenged Chinese students. Who helped the Lydia when she severly cut her hand on a broken glass in her dishwasher?  Not the blog writer nor her childish, blood-wary, half hysterical friends. Did she ever mention any of these things later in her silly blog? No.  She wrote about my "hair flair" and all that she didn't like.  Did she think I would never read it?  Would she care if I had?

So my rant today is, if you write belittling things about someone, does that mean that you do not care if they read it?   The chances are very good that they will.  If you make up a lie about someone and cause them to loose thousands of dollars because of it, as long as you think they do not know who you are, is it okay?  If you tell someone you do not want to step on anyone's toes and I say, well, I feel you are stepping on MY toes, does that offend you? If you say,  "I hope this does not make you mad, but..."  and I say, "oh, it does kind of make me mad, I  do not want you to do it",  does that in turn make YOU mad?  If so, why did you ask?  Remember, qualifying a hurt with a sentence like, well, that's just who I am, or I hope you are not mad, does not make it okay.  It is still mean, cruel, and stupid.  Those who are truly power never steal power from others.  Those who are truly powerful and beautiful really wish the best for their friends.  Perhaps they have nothing and want for nothing.  They are the most powerful and beautiful of all.

Please be gentle with one another.  We recycle, we clip coupons, we  have our children in all the right sports, we go to church and temple, we don't eat meat and shun gluten.  But we treat each other, especially women to women, with astonishing jabs and barbs.  Women need to support and help each other, not gossip and sabatoge.  Stop acting this way and we will all have inner peace. Nothing we read, eat, nor wear will give us peace, which is what we all really strive for.  Peace comes from within.  The Dali Lama said that anger hurts only the one who is angry.  No one cares if we are angry; they go on with their life.  But the anger consumes us and makes us filled with bitterness..  The anger hurts only us in the end.  

We have to change and stop this madness. I write this because I am fed up with mean people.  I have no time for them and no pity either.

Now for the recipe which is from my sister, who is NOT mean!

Cocoa Brownies

1 c soft butter

2 c sugar

4 eggs

2 t vanilla

1/2 c cocoa

1 1/2 c flour

1/2 t salt

1 c nuts

Combine and bake at 350 until done app 20-30 min.