Working on a Blog

I was writing a blog about the difficulties of writing a blog when I just erased it all with one teeny tiny wrong click on my keyboard.   Aughghghghg!!!!!  It is so frustrating!  I don't run out of ideas...ever..and i never run out of things to talk about.  But what i do run out of is patience with this complicated process of writing and entering this stuff correctly.

When i call my web peeps, they answer my questions, I think.  They all speak an alien language, so i am not sure what they are saying.  I mean, while they are talking, I am going yes yes and I think I have it.  I even write stuff down.  But as soon as we hang up and i try it by myself, even with my notes, I am blank.  Like in math class.  You remember that horrible hour out of your school day, don't you?  

Plus, i want to have loads of beautiful picures like th blogs I follow, but it is too difficult to load them all!  And I want hyperlinks.  That will be the thing I will work on next week, my dear readers.  Hyperlinks for thou.  xoxoxox

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