Carolyne Roehm's Tag Sale

This past weekend I took a little sashay to Sharon, Connecticut for Carolyne Roehm's "garage sale".  You know who she is because you have all of her books. They are on your coffee table... those gorgeous books like A Passion for Flowers, Presentations, and A Passion for Blue and White to name a few.  Carolyne was a heavy hitter in the New York Social scene in the 80's when she was married to big bucks Henry Kravis (not worthy of her if you ask


) and was always in the pages of W, Town and Country, and the New York Times.  How do I know this?  I was a young mother and my husband was gone all the time, so the New York social scene seemed very exciting!  Also I had a dear friend who was participating on the fringes of it and would tell me all the scoops on the whirl wind life they lead.  Of course, age being the great teacher, I would love to go back to those days of peanut butter and jelly kisses and would not  trade them for the world.  But it was fun to watch from my couch.

Anyway, so I hopped on a very small plane to Hartford, CT.  I stayed in the ever so luxurious La Quinta, where, being the frugal girl I am, I downgraded from a suite to a regular room.  I was suspicious that a suite at La Quinta would not be worth the extra $30.00.  The next day, I got up at 5:00 to drive to Sharon.  If you know anything about the beautiful state of Connecticut, and I mean this seriously because it is absolutely gorgeous, you know there is not a straight shot to anywhere.  It must have something to do with the beautiful mountains and lakes that lie in the valleys.  It seemed everywhere I looked another idyllic vista was in front of me.  And thank goodness for Mapquest., because the drive  to the tiny town of Sharon was pretty complicated.  I got there with about 2 minutes to spare and guess what?  Everyone else in the world was there too.

The sale was held in her barn.  Her barn does not look like my granddad Schaeffer's barn, that is one thing I can tell you right now.  No bats or litters and litters of kittens in there!  it was beautiful and very very big.  She had some horses out grazing and they stayed close to the fence so we could all wish they were in our yard too.  I had taken a darling little cookbook with silver embossed pages from Laduree in Paris that I bought for the "perfect someone".  And that perfect someone was Carolyne Roehm because she speaks French and she loves Laduree as you and I do.  So she was delighted.  We chatted a bit, but she was very busy and I did not want to bother her.  I did tell her that I missed her website and her blog, but she said, "I have been working my whole life and I am tired of it.  I just want to have some fun now."  She had just read a book and it had influenced her to part with some of her material possessions.   I have to agree, possessions can weigh you down and start to own you. (Stop laughing, I mean this.  I am not saying I am following this right now but I believe it!)  later she came up to me and said "since you gave me a book, I would like to give you a book too" and handed me A passion for Flowers, which she signed. Wasn't that nice?  Of course, I have it already, but now I have one signed by the author, which is really nice.  She was selling all that rockin' wrapping paper, ribbon, note cards, colored paper, decorations, fabric,  some silver (missed most of that but saw people carrying it, darn it!), and lots and lots of stuff I don't need but I loved.  So I bought a bunch and guess what?  I only spent $100.00., just enough to fill that extra empty suitcase I brought on the plane.  So there.  I also got to hang out with her cutie pie mom quite a bit.  What a little power house of a woman.  I adored her!

After the sale, which I left at 10:30, I thought, gosh what am I going to do the whole day?  I explored a little and found some wonderful Farmer's Markets.  Alas, I could not buy produce but it was fun to see all the fruits and veggies available.  Note to all the farmers reading this, and I know there are so many of you, the corn is quite a bit higher there.  Must not have had as much rain.  But I am sure it will not taste as good as our great Indiana corn. 

I found a pretty and very yummy little French restaurant in a town en route and had lunch.  It was simple and perfect.  I had a small salad and a ratatouille omelet. ( Perhaps I had pomme frites  also.) Nervously I made my way back to my fabulous room at La Quinta, finished my book, Garlic and Sapphires, and took a nap. After all, I had been up since 5 and was very stressed trying to get there and took 1.5 hours to drive each way with lots of second guessing my map from M.Q.   Then I drove to another town and saw Larry Crowne starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.    

All in all, I am very glad I went.  Will I go to another tag sale if she has one?  Probably not because I have done it once and my wrapping station is full.  

However, if you call me for a lunch date, Carolyne, I will most definitely certainly say yes... as long as your mother comes too.

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