First Week in Paris, Level II Patisserie

Bonjour!  For some reason,  I cannot upload photos today so I cannot show you all the things I have been baking.  I will instead tell you some stories about what is happening in Paris so far.

There are several differences between this year and last.  The main difference is that the students are so much nicer.  It is like night and day!  Maybe last year was an example of group mentality.  Some people were very mean and competitive to the point of ruining the classes for lots of us.  That, in turn, caused others to act the same way.  But this year, people are polite, kind and fun.  The girl who I think will be the number one student is really sweet as is everyone in my particular group.  I cannot believe the difference.  Last year was like a Stephen King middle school novel!  This year is normal and lots of fun.

Some other major differences are:

  Starbucks  On the corner!  Yea!  It is a big one with lots of room to go in and study between classes.  There are AMAZING sandwiches and salads in there.  They are so good. The bad thing is that it is hurting the business of the little cafe across the street.  I go to that cafe for lunch sometimes; two funny and hard working men run it.  They have the best soup in the world with tiny round rackers to float in the soup.  I cannot find those darned crackers anywhere.  I want to bring a boatload home.  They look like Kix cereal. 

  IPads  This year, many of the students have IPads.  They photograph with them or they photograph with their really cool cameras and then download them to their IPADs.  They can sit in Starbucks and get the internet.  They show me very clear pictures of their food, their homes, etc on these.  I love the IPAD.  You all have one, I am sure.  I am a bit behind le temps!  Gosh darn it, I am bringing one next year.  I will have to buy it first, of course.  Santa Baby......:)

 Smart Phones  Last year on the Metro, people would read as they went to and from their destinations.  I really loved seeing this as I know Americans are not reading as much as they used to nor as much as they should.  (A couple of my own children are prime examples)   But now, almost everyone uses a smart phone, so they are all hunched over, playing the games, texting their friends, or surfing the web.  I think the human race will change to a race of illiterate,  hunched over creatures with great big thumbs.  I do not like this trend.  I do not like everyone texting while they are in a group of friends.  Pay attention to the people you are with unless you absolutely have to text someone.

 New Chefs  We have a few new chefs.  However, Chef Tres Horrible is still here, much to my chagrin.  I have not had him teaching me yet this year, but he whizzed through the kitchen, pointed to a Le Cordon Bleu bag that I carry my tupperware and piping things in and carried every day last year and yells out,  "Whose bag is this?"  Mine, Chef!  "This has no place in ze kitchen!  Do not bring it ever again!"  Out, Chef!  

I will post more after I figure out why my photos are not downloading and tell you about everyone in my classes.

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