Brie and Broccoli Pasta

When my husband and I were newly married and living in Charlottesville, Virginia, (where our youngest, Jake will be going to college this fall!!! Yea!) my first job there until I could get a serious job was at Pappagallo.  Remember Pappagallo? No?  Then you are young and will want to eat a lot of brie! One of the women I worked with, Rhoda Cohen, who would be a dear friend for the years we lived there, introduced me to many interesting things and gave me this simple yet delicious recipe. This was during the 80's, that great decade I loved when brie was the queen of cheese and we were wrapping everything in it ----- if we weren't wrapping it with phyllo dough!
I still use this today on occasion and it never fails me.  People say...oh, I looooove brie and take another bite.  The bacon doesn't hurt the flavor either.

Brie and Broccoli Pasta

1 bunch of broccoli

 1 clove of garlic
2 T butter
3/4 C cream
1 big wedge brie cheese
Cooked bacon --optional

*Chop the broccoli and steam it.  Set aside. 
*Gently saute the garlic in the butter, being careful not to let it burn.  If this happens, throw it away and start over.
*Add the cream. Stir gently.  Add the brie in pieces and stir to melt.  When smooth, toss in the broccoli.  Add the bacon, if desired. 
*Then add the pasta to the sauce, stirring to coat.  Serve right away.

Here is one of my potted herb gardens outside of my kitchen door.  Does that make it a potager?  Non? I think I have to have veggies in it to have a potager but will someone let me know? I DO have tomatoes on the other side that the camera does not see. Notice the dark hand print by the window.  I cannot clean that off to save my life.