Do It Best Has Lunch


I had a fun luncheon/cooking demo for Do-It-Best Hardware yesterday and we had a delicious french menu. We had a terrific yellow pepper and tomato cold soup, homemade bread, (I got up at 5 to bake it), European butter with its higher fat content thus its better taste, and my sweet mom's frozen lemon pie recipe. The women were from all over the country and were smart, witty and loads of fun! We laughed and laughed. Here are a few pictures from the afternoon

The Good police of Roanoke were very nice to let me put the 12 foot tall Eiffel Tower in front of the shop for the day.  It was quite a curiosity to the drivers and those walking by!  All I could think about when Bill was unloading it and when I put it back in the shop BY MYSELF  were the lines from the movie Despicable Me when he is talking to his minions about how they stole the Statue of Liberty and The Eiffel Tower.  "The little ones, from Las Vegas..."