High School Graduation

June saw the graduation of our youngest son, Jake, from high school, and the end of an era for me.  As so many of you have done, I am closing a huge chapter of my life, the longest chapter so far.  The exciting, loud, tiring, but oh-so-much-fun school years of three wonderful boys have really driven every decision, as much as we would like to think differently at times, we have made for decades now.  Most of my longest and dearest friendships have come to me in some way through school things or through friends of friends or through parents of their friends!  For those of you reading this who have small children and are sometimes lonely when trapped indoors with them in bad weather or during illness, remember that those days will be few and far between very soon.  Cuddle every second you can get. Snuggle at every opportunity.  It has been so wonderful and I am scared for it all to end. I still cuddle and snuggle, but it is with a tad bigger child and for just a quick "hey mom!" that about knocks me down!

As you know, one of the final things a senior does is go to the prom.  These girls the guys took were darling and gorgeous.  We did not look like that when I was in high school, let me tell you!  They all looked exquisite.  But one girl in particular stood apart from the rest in my eyes because she was just screaming Coco Chanel.

She had on a dress her track coach made for her that rivaled anything in Neiman's in my opinion. Sign that coach up for Project Runway right this minute!  Anyway, it was a strapless dress with a black lace overlay that cinched in at the waist with a wide, black satin ribbon and a full skirt that stopped at mid calf.  It had a border of hard lace around the bodice and hem. I could see Mademoiselle designing it, fussing over the exact length and the choice of hand made Belgian lace to use.  This beautiful young girl wore her hair back in a very classic style, a la Audrey Hepburn.  But the killer was her choice of shoes.  Need I say more?